terça-feira, 19 de março de 2013


Recentemente foi avisado pelo administrador alteração TEMPORÁRIA do valor mínimo de saque do site. Abaixo, mensagem literal do administrador. 

"Dear Members,

As you may have known we have kept our Minimal Payout for a very long long time. 
The recent days we have encounter traffic issue to our site which led our server to be overloaded due to the heavy traffic we are getting due to our tremendous success. We have lately worked many hours overtime affecting our personal lives in order to battle a compleet website in which you can see we have succeeded.

Since we spend much more time on fixing the website the payments backlog has been increased dramaticly to a significant point in where we had no choice to make a decission. 

In order to save and balance our time we have decided to temporarely increase the minimal Payout to $1.00

This will affect all membership and will be in effect as of today.

NOTE: All current payment request will be refunded back to your account

All new payout request will be processed as they come in. 
We hope to have a much faster payout, as our payment request below $1.00 will be now significantly reduced. 

This will give us plenty more time to deal with things which matters most.

1) Ratain a faster stability of the site in case of server failure
2) A much faster payout
3) A much more time to think and develop our site to stay strong for our competitors
4) Last but not least to reduce the cashout of hackers and cheaters/bots

*$0.01 payout planned to return in April"

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